SKO Career Services

The SKO career service supports members and managers in the planning and development of their individual career through an integrated approach, need-oriented counselling and an online-mentoring program. Choose from the services and use the registration form below.


Brief online-assessment regarding career application and educational issues.

Costs: Members CHF 30.- or free of charge/ Non-members CHF 60.-

Career Pit Stop

The pit stop clarifies important questions and objectives related to next steps in your career and challenges in your job. We provide you with a personality and a job-related assessment and positioning.

Costs: Fixed price

Members CHF 490.- / Non-members CHF 760.-

Career Coaching

You will work on your personality, strength and weakness profile and based on this - clarify your personal and career perspectives. This will allow you to develop successful strategies for your future career and to improve your communication and behavioural patterns.

Costs: Guide price

Members CHF 1'440.- / Non-members CHF 1'760.-

Career Reorientation

You are unsatisfied with their professional situation as a whole or lost your job. With this package we will provide you with a complete competence, personality, strength and weakness profile. Based on this, you will work on your employability, improve your application fitness an adopt a more professional approach in promoting yourself as a "brand".

Costs: Guide price

Members CHF 2'440.- / Non-members CHF 2'850.-

Health Coaching

Improve your own resilience and learn to deal with difficult issues and to cope with pressure in a more relaxed way.

Costs: Guide price

Members CHF 1'440.- / Non-members CHF 1'710.-

Orientation Session

In an orientation session you will receive recommendations what consultancy approach is suitable for you.

The orientation session is free of charge and will take place either through the phone or at our office.

Financial support for SKO career services: In special circumstances active members will receive a  once­off financial support from the SKO social fund. Please ask for more information during the orientation session.

Use the SKO network - Online Member Search and Mentoring

The value of the SKO-network is rooted in its members, their knowledge and experience. With the online-functions Member Search and Mentoring you can tap into this potential and get connected with members also outside the SKO events.

Registration for a Career Service-counselling

Please select a service in the form below. This is a provisonal selection. Our consultants will clarify with you which package will be most suitable for your needs.

Please indicate under * your current job situation. Thank you.

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